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I have a commercial parcel of land and a prospective tenant, how do I start the finance/construction process?

The process starts with an informal meeting at Formset’s office. The only items required are the survey plan of your block and an indication from your client of his needs. If your client would like to attend, all the better.

Are you able to guide me through the design and construct process I require?

Yes, Formset has a wealth of experience in this area. We will organize your project from the initial planning stages right through to hand over of the finished product.

Can you prove an estimate of costs based on my basic specifications?

Formset uses over 40 years of project benchmarking to provide realistic costing.

How big a building can I fit on my block?

Formset will take you through the process of sketching your new building on your block. With the aide of our consultants we can present to you a cost effective fully compliant project ready for you to present to your prospective client or financier.

What are my building constraints?

We at Formset use independent planning consultants to aide us in these matters. Utilising our relationships with these consultants speeds up the process and negates the need to redesign at a later date due to poor information initially.

Do I need to talk to the various consultants regarding my/my tenants needs?

No, Formset will engage all consultants if you wish. The Design and Construct process has proven to be significantly more cost effective than the tender process time and again.

What kind of business will the council planning department allow me to build on my block of land?

A brief uncovery meeting with Formset will be all you need to get the information you require.

Do I need to outlay for full construction drawings to get an estimate of costs for my financier?

We have the experience to provide budget estimates based on very broad requirements. We pride ourselves on providing estimates that are a true indication of the final project construction costs.

What is the difference in costs between different construction methods – eg, tilt panel construction vs structural steel portal frame design?

Formset has built a diverse range of building structures. Whether it be tilt panels construction, traditional structural steel portal framed construction or a combination of the two, we can advise on the cost differentials and the benefits and deficiencies of the two.

How long will the total construction process take?

From planning applications with the relevant authorities to construction schedules, Formset will provide realistic time frames for all components of the project.

Why choose Formset Pty Ltd?

Formset is a family owned business that is unique in the fact that the majority of the construction process is carried out in house. We utilize our own labour, plant and equipment for the major components of the works and engage subcontractors for the specific trades required. Formset shows loyalty to our subtrades which is reciprocated in kind.

How much experience does Formset have in their field?

Formset was a pioneer in the north in tilt panel construction and intricate formworking projects. With over 40years experience in our field and as our names suggests we are much more than a commercial construction company.

Has Formset built similar projects?

With over 40 years experience we are confident that we have previously constructed building or structures similar in nature to your requirements.

Can Formset offer referrals from previous or ongoing clients?

Formset has a large number of ongoing clients that continue to utilize our services. We are more than happy to pass on our client base for referral purposes.

Can Formset show me similar construction methods/projects previously constructed?

Formset can provide a list of past projects. Obviously our website will have a diverse sample of these projects but with 40 years in the region we are happy to provide/show the more expansive range of past projects.

Can Formset offer a full Design & Construct contract?

Yes we can! From major industrial contract formworking and civil works to commercial building we have the experience and knowledge to design, contract and construct to meet your needs and requirements.

What are Formset currently building?

At the time of writing, Formset is currently contracted to Xstrata for ongoing civil, formworking and concrete works at the Townsville Port facility. We also have two larger commercial recreational building projects underway at Cannon Park, Townsville, along with a Design and Construct commercial workshop and major workshop/office, refit/extension in the local Bohle area. We also have industrial works for Sucrogen underway in the Herbert River area. Formset also has ongoing maintenance renovation works for our existing client base.

Can Formset offer Construction budgets to assist with financing my project?

Formset has in the past liaised with clients’ financial institutions to provide the specified details and breakdowns as required. This is part and parcel of our service and within our Design and Contruct scope of works.

Can Formset offer realistic construction time frames for my project?

Formset will provide realistic time frames for the different components of the Design and Construct phases. We pride ourselves on delivering on our promises.

What do I need to do to assist Formset with commencing the construction process?

Whether you have a full set of documentation that you would like to have priced, a tender that you would like to present or just an initial idea that you would like assistance with, Formset is happy to sit down and run through your requirement and assist you in obtaining your objective.

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